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Hello my name is Kat and I like to make things. I live in Derbyshire with my boyfriend and our two cats, Sally and Jeff. Some of my favourite things, in no particular order, are: owls, cake, the countryside, cats, ice cream, waterfalls, polka dots and pretty fabrics.

Growing up I have memories of doing lots of crafty things with my mum, from cross stitch to candle-making from sewing for my dolls to making Christmas crackers. Somehow as I got older this seemed to get lost along the way although I don’t think it ever really left. Three years ago I reawakened my love of making things, initially as a result of my growing interest in vintage and second-hand clothing. I liked the idea of being able to alter garments to fit me. Fast forward three years and I haven’t altered one single item, although I have made a whole bunch of clothes from scratch – turns out it’s easier that way!

I love making my own clothes and am drawn towards colourful prints and polka dots. Making my¬†own clothes allows me to wear the styles I love, rather than those that can be found in the shops. I definitely tend towards making “frosting” (pretty dresses) rather than “cake” (practical basics) although I have recently been trying to increase my handmade wardrobe staples to enable me to wear my me-made garments on a more regular basis.

I started this blog to keep a record of my crafty endeavors and as a way to connect with others in the online community. I mostly sew and knit although I’ll pretty much try anything at least once…recent highlights have been millinery, crochet and jewellery-making. I hope you enjoy your time in my little corner of the internet and do feel free to get in touch and say hello – I love to hear from you!



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