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Hello everyone and happy Monday. I hope you had a good weekend, I mostly spent mine being full of the lurgy and wrestling with invisible zips so I can’t pretend it was the best, but hey, onwards and upwards!

Today it is my turn to jump on the blog hop wagon! Thank you very much to Freya from The Dressmaking Diaries, a fellow midlands sewist, who nominated me. I have lost track of where this all started but it seems to have been hopping around for a great long while and I have really enjoyed reading everyones answers to the four questions posed and learning a bit more about some of my favourite bloggers. So without further ado here are mine!

Why I write

Good question! I was inspired to start a blog after meeting Marie, one of my first real-life sewing friends, and being introduced to her blog and the whole world of sewing bloggers. I thought I’d like to try it for myself, and so this blog was born. That must be almost 4 years ago now – how time flies. I love the blogging community and the support and friendships that it provides. Also blogging allows me to document my progress and start a conversation with others who sew and who will be able to offer guidance and advice, in a way that non-sewists are not able too.

What I’m working on

I am terrible with UFOs and always have multiple projects on the go, as well as many others in the pipeline. I am currently in the process of tackling the enormous task of making bridesmaids dresses for my wedding next year (eek!). I have the fabric and mostly a plan of the pattern, which will be a modified Anna dress, and am almost finished making the first mock-up of the dress for myself before starting the daunting task of sewing for other people. Knitting-wise I am finishing a Miette cardigan and also have a number of other projects on the go including a pair of socks and some wedding-related knitting.

How my blog differs from others of it’s genre

I think that every blog is unique in the way that every person is unique and brings their own voice to what they write. However in terms of overall content, I am not sure that my blog differs greatly from others. What you get here is predominantly sewing and knitting, however I will try my hand at pretty much anything, which in the past has also included millinery, jewelery-making and embroidery. I suppose if I were a business I would be seriously lacking a USP – but I’m not a business and I write because I enjoy it, so it’s not something that I am going to lose any sleep over.


A little bit about my writing process

Hmmm my writing process. I think calling it a process may be stretching it a wee bit. Usually this involves me sitting down at my laptop after having just finishing sewing, playing with some pictures and pretty much writing whatever comes into my head. I am not so much one for planning, which is why I am writing this at 9.40pm on the day that it is supposed to be posted. A good process would definitely remove a little stress from my life and I would love to be more planned in general. I envy people who have a back up of drafts just in case, and who have a blogging calender. I dream of being this organised! Even at work, where I manage a couple of team blogs, I am really not as planned as i should be (shh!). Is it too early to be thinking of new years resolutions?!


So i think this is the bit where I nominate two people to go next! I am struggling to find people who have yet to take part, I think the following have yet to have a go but apologies if you have and I missed it:

Kerry from Kestrel Makes

Sabs from Tybalt:King of Cats

Happy hopping everyone!

Kat xx


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