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A couple of Saturdays ago I travelled to Nottingham to meet up with a group of creative and crafty bloggers. This meet-up was co-organised by myself and the lovely Samantha although Sam was definitely the brains behind the venture! The idea was to get local bloggers from the East Midlands together for tea, cake and crafty chatter and what was really nice about this meet-up in particular was that it was open to anyone “creative and crafty”, not just sewists.

The venue was a newly opened café bar in Nottingham city centre called Wired. The lovely ladies there were extremely accommodating and let us have the basement room which was absolutely perfect for our needs. I recommend a visit if not only to see their novel tea timers (for the perfectly brewed tea) and the tasty cake.

It was really refreshing to meet some new crafters and brilliant to hear about their interests. I was introduced to the concept of mixed media and really enjoyed hearing about what the other ladies had been working on, especially the beautiful planner that Daire had made. She also introduced me to the wonder of washi tape… as soon as I saw it I knew I needed to investigate this further. After catching up with old friends and chattering to new faces, Sam presented us with goody bags which had kindly been provided by HomecraftsUK. Here is what I got in mine:


I am intrigued by the salvage yarn, which apparently comes from fabric that is produced for making garments such as T-shirts. I love the colour! I’m also looking forward to trying quilling again, which I remember dabbling in as a child but I’m a bit out of practice so could use a refresher.

Everyone had brought a small gift along with them to swap with their fellow crafters. I was lucky enough to pick a lovely package from Sally, given the number of times I have mislaid needles or spiked myself unawares it seemed like fate that I would get a needle book and scissors holder as well as some vibrant trimming.


After yet more chatter, cake and perfectly brewed tea we headed off to to the Nottingham branch of Cath Kidston where Sam had arranged for us to meet with the store manager to hear all about the inspiration behind Cath’s new collection. Did you know that there are currently over 72 Cath Kidston prints? And this doesn’t even include different colourways of the same print.

After spending some time debating whether I could get away with a space print satchel (I reckon I totally could) and how my boyfriend would feel about a penguin duvet cover (if they had sold it in king size, it would have been mine) we headed off for the third and final stop on our magical mystery tour – The Bead Shop. I’ve actually taken part in a workshop here before and I was looking forward to going back, what I didn’t expect was to be given a whistle stop jewellery-making session and to come away with a pair of earrings! This was a great reminder of my sadly lapsed beading skills and I am determined to attend a workshop here in the coming months. The only question is which to do – so many options!


Here are all the wonderful crafty bloggers:

034L-R Sam, Marie, Daire, Amy, Sally, Hannah, me and Kelly (photo from Sam)

All in all a fantastic day and great to meet some local people interested in a range of different crafts. Oh and Daire…I am holding you entirely responsible for this….


Anyone else into washi tape? What do you use it for? I seem to have rather a lot of it so inspiration welcome…!

Kat xx

12 thoughts on “#ccbloggers meet-up

  1. Sarah

    Ha i LOVE washi tape, I have about 30 rolls – whoops! I love using it to dress up envelopes and wrapping paper or to make cards or front covers for things pretty. I am planning to try out the ‘wrapping it round the metal part of a tea light’ soon, alla pinterest! We need to meet up soon :) x

    1. KraftyKat Post author

      Woop a fellow addict! I like the tea light idea, I totally need to stalk pintrest for inspiration, not sure why this never occurred to me before. Yes we totally need to meet up again soon, maybe dinner one evening? I’ll be in touch :) x

  2. Amy

    Dude you’ve got a nice little washi stash now! Always a pleasure hanging out with you. As ever you were a wonderful leader. I think it’s because everyone can see how excited you are to meet them. And I’m so glad I got to see your stunning dress in person. You got such a good fit, maybe those amazing patterns are worth the money

    1. KraftyKat Post author

      Hi Charlotte, it would be great to have you at the next meet-up, we are hoping to do another in the summer if not before so keep an eye out for more info!

  3. Liz

    I have a rather tatty-looking white MDF bookcase. I discovered the other day that the shelf thickness is exactly the same as the width of washi tape, so have started to put a strip across the front of each shelf.


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