Decision made…

Thank you for all your comments and tweets relating to my last post on whether or not I should frog my St James jumper. Also apologies for the temporary blip in commenting – somehow I accidentally and mysteriously unchecked a box somewhere…but it’s all sorted now!

I think in my heart I knew what had to be done, and I can now report that this…


…has become this…

froggedBring on the owls!


I am so excited to knit this jumper. Firstly, owls! Secondly, I have seen so many lovely versions around the blogosphere, most recently Tasia’s. Sabs and I are planning a mini knitalong for this jumper starting in March – if anyone else fancies joining us, you would be most welcome! Firstly I have to finish my Corrine cardigan though…I’m on the finish straight now and hope to be able to share it (and wear it!) soon.

What’s on your knitting needles?

Kat xx

11 thoughts on “Decision made…

  1. Lady Stitcher

    I’d love to join you guys on your knit-along! I’ve been eyeing up the Owls pattern for a really long time but have had a few disastrous attempts at knitting sweaters recently which put me off trying anything else. A March start-date gives me time to build up a bit of knitting courage :)

    1. KraftyKat Post author

      You’d be most welcome! Hopefully we can help you build up your courage, and if you have any questions, there will be others knitting at the same time so we should be able to help!

  2. Elena

    Good decision! Life’s too short to let unworn garments go to waste :) Can’t wait to see the owls! I’m knitting an Andi Satterlund Chuck at the moment – have been for about 3 months now. I’ll finish it one day!

    1. KraftyKat Post author

      Haha I dread to think how long ago I started my Corrine – I just want to get it finished now so that I can wear it an move on to the owls!! Chuck is cute though. I love so many of the Andi Satterlund patterns, the Miette is next on my list after owls.

  3. Lynne

    Good luck with your Owls! I am current knitting a different Kate Davies pattern, it’s the Manu cardigan. I’ve just got to a stage where I can try it on, and it fits – which is always a relief!!

    1. KraftyKat Post author

      Always good :) The advantage of sewing is that it is easier to undo if you make a mistake. I always dread getting most of the way through a knitted make only to find that it doesn’t fit!

  4. Alexa

    So excited about the knit-along. I’ve been eye-ing up the owl sweater for a while now but have never attempted anything this adventurous before so it would be great to have that kind of support.

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