New year…new look!


Hello and welcome to the brand new shiny new-look KraftyKat!

I’ve been thinking about making the jump to wordpress for some time now and over Christmas I got chatting to my boyfriend about my blog. He happens to be a bioinformatician and does clever things like build websites on a daily basis – yet for some reason it had never before occured to me to ask him for help with my blog. Why I do not know. So we had a play around and now not only have I changed to wordpress but I am a – new territory for me. It’s been great fun starting from a blank(ish) canvas with the design elements and I am pleased to announce that is now open for business (metaphorically speaking!). A big thanks must go to my boyfriend for all his help – everything that looks good is down to him and him alone (despite his best efforts to teach me how to code. I learnt a little bit. Honest!).

Some come on in and take a look around! I hope you like what you see. Although all the bits and bobs are in place now there are still likely to be a few changes while I settle in to my new home and I would welcome your comments and constructive criticism :)

If you follow me on BlogLovin’ I am working on getting my followers transferred to my new blog so there will hopefully be no need for you to change anything – I’ll keep you posted!

I’ll be back soon (hopefully) with a new make to share with you – yep I’ve been sewing too!

Kat x

10 thoughts on “New year…new look!

  1. Hannah Smith

    Looking gooood! I made the move to wordpress .org from wordpress .com a little while ago and haven’t looked back since. Though I must say I am rather jealous of you having someone tech savvy to help you out. I have had to flounder my way through jargon I don’t understand, buying back up systems and figuring out what a plugin was! lol… But I seem to have come out the other side!
    May I ask a little question? How did you add your little social media icons to your side bar, or were they part of your theme? it is something that has been bugging me but can’t seem to do. If I can help with anything also just shout 😀


      Hi hun,
      You should be able to find some plugins for getting your social media buttons organised on your sidebar (if you’re not lucky enough to find someone to write some code for you :) ). I think there’s a pretty good one caled “sharing is sexy” or something. :) x

      @Kat: I love your new website!!

    2. KraftyKat Post author

      Hi Hannah, thanks for the kind words! Regarding the social media buttons; if you google “social media icons” you should find a whole heap of sites which let you download them for free. I will try and find the link to the one I used and let you know. You then add them as images to the sidebar as a “text” widget in WordPress and link through the picture to the relevant social media site. I would be happy to share the code that we used for this if you like :) I hope this makes sense – let me know if not!


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