Polka dot Crescent skirt

I’m very pleased and excited to have been invited to join Calico Laine’s blogger network. Every month I will chose the supplies needed to complete a project of my choice from their website, and in return for a discount I will blog about my project. Here is my first Calico Laine post – this is actually my December project, a bit delayed – shameful I know. Can I still blame Christmas?!

WIth such a huge range of fabric I was spoilt for choice, but after a lot of pondering I finally settled on something that I had been planning to make for a long time – a polka dot Crescent skirt. I’ve made no secret of my love for Sewaholic patterns, and the first item of clothing I ever stitched was the Crescent skirt. I love this skirt and version one is still in constant rotation in my wardrobe. I also love polka dots, so combining the two was a no-brainer!


I chose a polka dot cotton from Calico Laine with large spots and the whole thing is lined with black dress lining. This pattern works well with fabric that has a bit of structure as it emphasises the fullness of the skirt; I imagine it would work equally well in a cotton lawn or similar too for a slightly different, more floaty, look.

I trimmed the bottom of the lining with black lace and I love the effect this has, i feel very girly and dressed up wearing it just knowing the lace is there! I had a stoke of luck here too – I bought 2 metres of this lace and it was the exact amount I needed to go all the way round the bottom of the lining, down to the last millimetre. Phew!


I don’t have anything extra to add to the construction of this skirt from the last time I made it. All the inside seams are French seamed (I really need to buy some thread for my overlocker!) and I’m pleased with how neat the insides look – however I wasn’t able to take a picture before my camera batteries died, so you’ll just have to take my word for it!

As you can probably tell, I am a big fan of this skirt and I’m sure it will get a lot of wear. Especially when I get round to sewing some tops in solid colours…one day. What can I say, I just can’t stay away from the prints!

Some people have commented that they haven’t seen enough pictures of Sally round these parts recently. This is for you:


This is about the twentieth attempt to get a picture as she kept moving about. For a cat who thrives off attention, she didn’t seem too keen to pose!

Has anyone else been sewing/knitting/crafting this weekend? I love to see (I’m naturally nosy!).

Kat xx

15 thoughts on “Polka dot Crescent skirt

  1. Kelly

    Hiiii Kat!

    I love this skirt! I would love to start making fashion items, since I’ve only ventured sock monkeys and cute felt thingys so far…oh and animal pyramid door stops :) I think I’ll move to bags next then to clothes, hopefully I can pick your brain when that magical time comes!

    The skirt looks awesome! Well done!


    1. KraftyKat Post author

      Hi Kelly, I had no idea you had a blog, that’s awesome! I love the name :) Off to check it out! (And you should definitely try clothes, it’s not as difficult as you might think)


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